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Midwife anyone? February 18, 2010

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As I think on how I’ve been feeling about these new Ob/Gyns I’ve been seeing for this pregnancy, something just doesn’t feel quite right…

I am not a paranoid person. I’m not a conspiracy theorist like my darling husband. He’s practically Fox Moulder. That said, I get the feeling that these Doctors are simply “going along” with my request for a VBAC. They give me all the reasons I shouldn’t try for one. Namely silly things like “your pelvis is too small”. This I don’t understand… There are very tiny pelviced women out there who give birth naturally all the time.  I got the results of my latest ultrasound today, and according to the report the baby is 3lbs 8oz. and going by size alone my due date has changed from May 1st, to April 22nd. 4-22 is a great day for a b-day, my amazing friend Matt was born that day. However, that date is 9 days earlier than my menstrual cycle due date(which is more accurate). By changing my due date they are trying to scare me into another section! Also, I have found another reason to not believe these Drs. I called the hospital where I would deliver, and this hospital almost never does VBACs. Hmmm…. right…  It’s little things like that which lead me to believe that I will not be able to see these Doctors anymore.

So, yesterday I began the search for a midwifery practice. I found one that takes my insurance, and they deliver in a really nice birthing center that also takes my insurance! What a deal, right!!! I talked with the head of the practice. (At 10pm! she promised to call me back that night and, by golly, she did!) She told me that she has to confer with the other midwives and I should hear back soon. They are VERY VBAC friendly. The birthing center has like a 90% vbac success rate. So, please pray with me that if I am supposed to see these women that everything falls into place! I’m just waiting on a phone call so I can schedule an appointment! I could really use medical professionals who are encouraging!

I started doing prenatal yoga yesterday, and I am feeling it today. I really hope to keep it up though. It’s good for baby positioning.

A very Happy Birthday to my darling Fiona!!! She turned One today!!!

"How old are you Fiona?"