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New Ob/Gyn! March 10, 2010

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A friend from High School randomly IMed me on Facebook not too long ago and made a suggestion that I hadn’t thought of! I always forget that this town near me exists. This HS friend suggested I go to the Hospital where her Mom works. It’s about the same distance as my original hospital choice. She also suggested a group of Ob/Gyns that’s a lot smaller than the one I’ve been seeing. There are only two Drs at this practice, vs the 15 or so at the other. I met with both Drs last week, and this practice seems like a much better option for me and this birth.

These Drs still have a lot of particulars about doing the VBAC, BUT they seem to be trustworthy enough. I do not trust the Ob/Gyns I was seeing this whole time. These new Drs, Dr Jean-Louis to be particular, is much more into letting nature take its course.  They are not going to put any time restrictions on labor, no unnecessary interventions. No breaking my water, or anything, I can labor how I want! I’m very happy with these Drs right now.

I have been having a hard time with my blood sugar levels. Pretty soon I will be eating lettuce and chicken breast only…plain! I really hope not though! I am taking steps to remedy the issue. If only fries weren’t so dang tasty!

I have an appointment for a growth check ultrasound tomorrow, then a follow-up appointment with Dr Jean-Louis. I’m hoping it goes well. My Mom will be with me. I’m hoping to hire a doula, but if I can’t my Mom will be my advocate in the hospital. She will have my back and help me stick to my birth plan!

Here’s hoping all goes well with these new Drs!!!

This is me at 30 weeks I think, could be 31, not entirely sure!


One Response to “New Ob/Gyn!”

  1. Dana Says:

    hey lady, glad everything seems to be working out! I might be in the market for a great ob in the next year or so, so keep me updated on the doc and where she is located. Good luck!!!

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